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I followed the cooking instructions and still found the product to be cold; in fact some ingredients were still frozen?

Microwave ovens do vary. If you found your entrée cold, increase the heating time in 30 second increments until the desired level of warmth is achieved.

I followed the directions, and my entrée was burnt when I took it from the microwave. Why is this?

Microwave ovens do vary. If your microwave is more powerful, heat for 1 minute less than the directions, then check the temperature. Continue to heat in 30 second increments until the entrée reaches the desired level of warmth.

Can I prepare my Michelina’s in the oven?

Please refer to the package for specific cooking instructions. At the present time most of our entrées may be prepared in a conventional oven.

Do you have any Michelina’s entrees that are lower in fat?

Yes, we have many choices that are lower in fat, calories and sodium within our Light range of entrees.

I am extremely allergic to peanuts. Are your products 'nut free’?

No they are not. We have some entrées which do contain known allergens. If you have an allergy, please refer to the list of ingredients in order to determine whether or not the entrée contains any ingredients which may be of concern to you. Ingredients are listed in order according to the level of content.

Do you have any gluten free entrées available?

The great majority of entrées contain pasta of one form or another. By their nature, all of the pasta products contain gluten. Because of the pervasiveness of pasta in our operation, and the varying degrees of individual sensitivity to gluten, we cannot guarantee or claim that any of our products are "gluten free".

Why are there ice crystals on the top of the product when I open it?

There is no health risk associated with product containing some formation of ice crystals. Ice crystals form naturally on frozen foods.

I’m concerned my entrée has freezer burn. Is it still okay to eat?

If a food gets freezer burnt, it is still safe to eat. Freezer burn is the result of some moisture loss, resulting in dry spots, which can happen over time. For any freezer burned areas, simply cut away the portions which are dry, either before or after cooking the food.

Is it safe to heat and eat my Michelina’s entrée once it is thawed?

We do not recommend preparing any entrée once thawed. The quality and food safety of the product may be at risk depending on the thawing process. We recommend that you dispose of any entrée which has been allowed to completely thaw.

Can I re-use the Tray?

No. We do not recommend re-using our trays, as they were not designed as permanent containers, but for single use only.

Is the Tray recyclable?

Our trays are made with coated board, because the food is moist. This material, like milk cartons, is not recyclable in all areas.

Do you have a family size Michelina’s?

Most of our entrées are in single serve sizes; however, our Grande line offers a larger portion size of 400-455g.